Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

This book I’m about to review is one of my all time favorites. I think it’s quite strange that this book which was the first one Dan Brown ever published wasn’t immediately a sucess, for the level of research, level of story telling, level of writing and its breath taking plot this book definitely deserved to be number one bestseller when it came out. But no it wasn’t until Da Vinci Code came about and then people discovered his previous book as well.

To be honest I read the Da Vinci Code and thought it was so amazing I couldn’t imagine a better book but along came

  Angels and Demons which made my 5 star rating for Da Vinci Code seem exaggerated. Made me feeling the need to downgrade the Da Vinci Code to a 4 1/2 instead of the 5. But the thing is you rate a book right after you read it, so at the time I finished it that book was worth 5 stars to me so no point in changing it now.

Let’s talk more about the book. This is the book we first get to know Robert Langdon. Which is one of my all time favorite characters (my all time favorite is Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly).

This book is mind blowing the end is so extremly unexpected! I love the storyline and the vatican and all the conspiracys surrounding the vatican. It’s all just so real and Dan Brown researches so much and makes it all so realistic you really ask yourself what is real and what is made up.


Be careful ruin the surprise!!!!!

This book is too good for you to ruin the surprise!!!


Okay so here we are the spoilers, common the Pope was MURDERED no one saw that coming! Wow wow!




Overall I loved this book and it is definitely in my top 10 favorites of all time.

Overall Rating : 5/5

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!


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