What I’ve read this Summer

My summers come and go every year yet my mission during this period is always the same: read as much as you can and as fast as you can. 

And with this motto I’d like to begin with the list of books I have read this summer (so far): 

  1. The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown
  2. The Prince of Mist – Carlos Ruiz Zafón
  3. Angels and Demons  – Dan Brown
  4. Digital Fortress – Dan Brown
  5. Inferno – Dan Brown
  6. The City of Ember – Jeanne DuPRAU
  7. The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly
  8. The Final Detail – Harlan Coben
  9. The Lost Symbol – Dan Brown
  10. The Scorch Trails (Maze Runner series #2) – James Dashner
  11. Dark Places – Gillian Flynn
  12. The Death Cure (Maze Runner series #3) – James Dashner
  13. Deal Breaker – Harlan Coben
  14. Paper Towns – John Green

This list will probably expand, but most likely it will calm down as my University will start next week. As can be seen by my list the major obsession I have encountered this summer is Dan Brown. I found the Da Vinci Code in a second hand store and decided it was finally time for me to embark in this New York Times best selling author Dan Brown. Right after finishing the first book, I couldn’t stop. I was hooked on Dan Brown and for anyone that like me was stubborn and did not want to read his books because of the amount of attention they have gotten (and thought they were too main stream for you), you should abandon this thought ans pick up a copy of one of his books featuring his main character Robert Langton. Trust me on this one, you will love all Dan Brown books and want to read every book he has ever written. The only downside on this is that he hasn’t written that many books. But in case you read all of them I recommend start reading Harlan Coben books or Lee Child books. (That will keep you distracted for awhile, since they are consistently launching new books.) 

Have a great Day !