A letter to a friend

this is a little homework I had in english a couple of weeks back and I’d like to share it with you guys because I have already talked about this topic on my blog. So here it goes…


I wanted to tell you about a campaign I’ve decided to support. You know me always getting involved in social cases and this time it isn’t different. Have you already heard about Joseph Kony and the children he has captured in the past 26 years?

Maybe you’ve probably already heard about the video produced by Jason Russell, the video has already gone viral on the internet and the campaign is receiving support from famous people and politicians. Joseph Kony is an evil man that for the past 26 years has stolen children from their homes at night, and forced them to murder their own families. The boys are turned into child soldiers and the girls are forced to become sex slaves. The people in Uganda are afraid to sleep at night, fearing for their lives.

In the video we meet Jacob, a young Ugandan boy Jason Russell met on his first trip to Uganda. Jacob tells us he doesn’t want to live anymore because he’s afraid for his life and he prefers to die than to live on this earth. One of the biggest changeless the cause is facing is all the criticism, people that don’t know what it is or just feels like ruining a great thing.

On April 20th we are going to hit the streets to make KONY famous, not in a good way but famous enough that when someone asks you if you know who Joseph Kony is, you can tell them you know what a horrible man he is. We want to capture him so that he can pay for all the crimes he’s committed for the past two decades.

I hope you decide to join the cause and we can stop Kony together.

Kind Regards,


Peace out

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PS: If you haven’t heard about KONY 2012 you should go check it out.

Water changes everything

To be serious I didn’t think I would be up this late writing this post, but I had to, I felt obligated to tell you guys about it. And I also really felt good about what I just did.
A couple of months ago I stumbled into a non-profit organization video that really caught my attention, it was called “water changes everything” so I watched this video not knowing, that after watching it I would be a “changed” person. I’ve always been a person that loves social causes and all, but since watching that video I’ve tried making small changes in my own life, and my new years resolution was to start sponsoring a child.
After seeing that video, I did sponsor a child and I still do and will keep doing so until my “child” turns 18, and then who knows I might sponsor another one. At the moment I already want another one, but as a student- we can’t really afford it.
I know I’m only changing one persons life (or a whole family?), but we have to start somewhere and taking baby steps we might get there.

Ok so continuing… with this charity I stumbled across, it’s called “water charity”. And as the name already says, they help bring clean water to people that don’t have it. They build wells, make peoples life easier and safer, because having clean water changes EVERYTHING! So water charity has created a campaign, it’s called donate your birthday and today I officially donated my bithday.
How does it work?
It’s actually realy easy, all you have to do is go to their website and write your name and birthday there. And donating your bday means, instead of people giving you presents for your birthday they donate money to the cause (if you’re turning 23 you’ll ask for people to donate 23$) , the ideia is really great and I’ve decided to do it, because I don’t need all these material things people want to give me for my bday, I want to change the world and my friends can help me do that.
I hope I can raise enough money to help a lot of people that need clean water.
If you want to join me, let me know. I’ll be posting more about on subject when it gets closer to my birthday!

Donate your Birthday too…

Peace out…
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http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCHhwxvQqxg This is the video I watched !

Social Causes are you in one?

So I was talking to some of my friends about the social causes I stand for, and most of my friends say they would never support any social cause, and would prefer to buy other things instead of helping some kind of cause. (Because they think causes are rip offs.)  Like I have already said it is a capitalism – and cruel world, where we only think about money and how to be more successful.

Well so what do I have to say to that – I actually think people should do what they think is right. Each and every person is different and they should spend their money in things they believe in – But I also think that if each and every one of us helps someone in need we might someday achieve that oh so dreamt – world peace we all talk about, or no more world hunger. I would spend every cent I have trying to help someone who needs it more than me, because that’s simply what I stand for.

I want to be able to leave this world having done something that matters, because it doesn’t matter if you have money or if you’re famous in the end it all comes down to what you did – for this world and for future generations. I want to be able to leave knowing I’ve made some kind of change in this world and my grandchildren can say – My grandmother fought for this.

I might never know why I’m like this, I simply just am. I think this generation has it all and we still don’t do much for others, we think only in how we can get rich or how to spend all the money we have earned, I also understand why some people don’t want to spend their money, because THEY earned that money – and worked hard for it. It’s all very logical, and if it’s all so logical I would think it’s logical you see that we aren’t the only ones that matter.

The people that don’t have anything to eat to in Africa or in South America also matter. We aren’t the only human beings on earth and the sun doesn’t revolve around you (even if you think it sometimes does.). We should take an action now, to be able to say we changed the world. Just like in the 70’s they tried to change the world, let’s take a stand.

Let’s represent SOMETHING, don’t let your life go by with having done anything to change the world.

Peace out

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When will the criticism stop?

Well I am and always will be someone who wants to see peace in the world and believe we can make the world a better place now. By helping people who need it more help than we do, but it is a selfish and capitalism world. If we helped each other more there wouldn’t be people out there who don’t have food or water.

The Stop Kony 2012 video is becoming an International hit on the web. But what I’ve found a lot on the web weren’t just positive comments about the organization (Invisible Children) and the thing I don’t understand is, why do people have to criticize everything? Don’t they have anything else to do? like I always say to my friends “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all.” And believe me I know it’s a free Country and that almost every Country in the world is “free” and people have the right to express themselves, but there are some things you should just keep to yourself.

I would just like to say that I find the Stop Kony 2012 a amazing, inspiring cause. I am joining the army, I knew I was going to join the army since the moment the video started. As most of my readers must know (If you don’t it’s ok.) I love to support non- profit organizations like “The Water charity” and many more, and I also sponsor a child. I want to change the world and I think we have to start somewhere so, If you have never joined any cause start now with the KONY 2012 cause.

And to all the haters out there, you are not going to win because you are outnumbered and we won’t fight you because what we want is PEACE!

Peace out

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KONY 2012

Have you heard about the video KONY 2012? You probably have it has gone viral on the internet up until now it has had more than 52.591.704 clicks and they uploaded it on Monday. That is a lot of people. Joseph Kony is a horrible person that steals children from their homes and forces these children to kill their parents and other innocent people. This man has been doing this to innocent children for over 26 years, thats two decades. And no one knew his name, or at least everyone that doesn’t live in Uganda didn’t know of the existence of this evil man. If you haven’t seen the movie on youtube take 27 minutes of your day to watch this movie.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y4MnpzG5Sqc

Invisible Children: http://www.invisiblechildren.com.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/

This is just a short post, to tell you about the cause and so you can join it.

Join the Army !

Peace out

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Human rights were written for a reason

We are all born free and equal and it should stay that way.


Just like written in the Declaration of Human rights “All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.” I was born free and equal just like all other human beings.

This is the first article in the declaration of human rights, and in my opinion the most important one. The one that everyone should live by, but unfortunately in most countries people aren’t treated the same, they are discriminated by their color, gender or by their race. It makes me sad to think that this still happens in the 21st century. Another point is that it says every human being is born free, well in some countries in Africa and in South America and maybe even in Russia there is slavery, people are still being kept like animals and those people who have money to help, what are they doing? Nothing. It also says we should act towards one another in spirit of brotherhood and lately I see some people doing that but not all of them, some people I know sponsor a child in Africa and in other countries where help is needed, also some very famous people support children and even adopt children in those countries. Sad to say not everyone does, because if everyone supported these poorer countries maybe they wouldn’t be so poor anymore, we could all make a difference.

Those human rights are there for a reason, and they have to be respected, It’s for the better of our world and for the people who live in it. I have the luck to live in a country that, there is no poverty and no hunger or slavery, and that gives me the opportunity to help someone in need, if we all help we can build a better world.

Peace out..

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Do something great for christmas Sponsor a Child 🙂