I am back! 

Wow wow…. cannot believe this is my first post in 2015. And we are half way through the year. I won’t excuse myself and start explaining why I haven’t posted because that would be lying to myself. The reason I haven’t posted is simple I got lazy and words didn’t flow in anymore as easily as normal. Well no excuse anyways. I will do my utmost best to keep this space going.Stay tuned from a post on “wedding planning” (and my wedding obsessions), My current tops favorite books, What I’m currently reading, book haul (I buy so many books this should be a thing in my blog! I’m waiting for Amazon to deliver me 7 books I got myself for my birthday so then there will be a book haul, hopefully they come tomorrow!) and much more.  

PS: Here’s a picture of Cooper making his incredibly cute “sad face”, not so sure what he’s sad about, he’s so loved so he can’t complain ❤️

Love is…

Love is like a flower

It blooms and turns into a magnificent thing

That only grows stronger and more powerful

Love is a beautiful thing when taken care of

Love can cure any broken heart

Love can also bring you the purest joy

But love can also backfire and sting, as wise men say “Love hurts”

Losing a love is the worse pain you’ll ever feel

Because there is no medication that can cure a broken heart

Nothing can make it go away – other than another love, a stronger love.

Originally I was pretty depressed when I wrote this poem and it ended with a line that I don’t believe in anymore the line said “There will always be a hole in your heart” at the time this was the best sentence to end it with because it was what I felt. Nowadays I feel the way the last sentence is now “Nothing can make it go away – other than another love, a stronger love.”


Missing You
I remember your hand touching my cheek
I remember the tears coming down my face
The way I felt when I left your side
I still feel the pain in my heart
My heart aches with your absence
I miss the way you said you love me
Why did I have to leave you ?
When I love you so dearly
Why can’t we be together ?
Forever till the end of time
All I have for now are the memories of you and I
Because the distance took us apart
My love for you only grows stronger
With time
Never fading away
Always with me
Missing you
By—->> ME

Internet dating break-up

One thing I hate about dating websites is that once you’ve put yourself out there the creepiest people come after you. And once your on there it’s almost impossible to find a way out. I might not be the most attractive girl out there, but dude that 40 year old bald guy is not my type of guy. But these websites keep sending me these strange suggestions. No I don’t want to get to know you.

What really pisses me off is that I know so many people that found “the one” through internet dating. Well INTERNET it ain’t working with me. I had one damn account so I decided it was time to take my page down. So I clicked delete. I thought I would NEVER be bothered by dating websites ever again… There’s always a but right? Yes in my case there is also one. BUT these damn websites still have my e-mail so they keep sending me e-mails to “come back”. It’s worse than a break up. If anyone knows how I can break up for good with these websites please tell me.

So I’m still single and being bothered by these damn match making websites. Maybe WordPress is my savior.

Not so Perfect Trailer

John Carter, have you ever seen that movie? Well if not than take my advice it’s worth watching. If you’re like me then by now you’re on YouTube searching for the trailer. If you’re already done watching than maybe you’ll understand me. The trailer is CRAP! Yes you read the right. CRAP! It show nothing of the beautiful images and fights. And to tell you the truth it tells you absolutely nothing about the movie. After watching I asked my sister what the movie was about. Well it wasn’t a “normal” trailer. There are movies that the trailer is much better than the actual movie, but there are cases like “John Carter” in which the movie is more than you expected from watching just the horrible trailer.
I wasn’t going to watch this movie, but I couldn’t convince my family NOT to watch it. So I had no other choice, and now I can’t wait to see the sequel.

Watch the movie and then tell me what you think…
Have you seen the trailer?! Did you “like” it just like me?

Peace out
Pic of the day…

This was so touching I had to reblog it! All I can say is WOW ! I hope turns it turns alright for you. inspirantional… Left me spechless o bet it will leave u spechless too.

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Ok…. So it has been forever since I have been on here, let’s just say a lot has happened in the mean time.

I’m struggling like hell with the weight issue… I’ve been working out and trying to watch what I eat and what time I eat at night.

Now that that’s off my chest, there are other things that have been going on…  The spring semester at  school ended for me and I made the Dean’s list. (Good thing, because I really need to keep my scholarships).  One of my husband and I’s good friends is really sick.  He had a kidney transplant around 9 years ago from his dad and around December of last year, his kidney started failing.  He is now on dialysis 4 times a day and really not feeling well.  Everyone in his family tested, because the first time he needed one they were all…

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