Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn

I would like to take the time to acknowledge how thrilling and well written Gillian Flynn’s debut novel is. Never in my life have I read a story that is this brilliantly sinister, it would be cruel to say this debut novel is fantastic because it is much much more than that. This book keeps you guessing and then you finally think you’ve unraveled this mystery and find out you’ve been all wrong.

The ending is unpredicable and genius. At times the story is quite disturbing and I could never have imagined writing a story like this myself but than again Mrs. Flynn is in a own category of her own. 

The back cover of the book gives a hint of what its about but does not disclose how twisted this novel really is:

“It’s been a while.. But Camille Preaker has finally gone home. 

Sent to investigate the disappearance of two little girls Camille finds herself reluctantly installed in the family mansion, reacquainting herself with her distant mother and a precocious thirteen-year-old half sister she barely knows. Haunted by a family tragedy, troubled by the disquieting grip her young sister has on the town, Camille struggles with a familiar need to be accepted.

But as the clues turn into dead ends Camille finds herself identifying with the young victims and realises: she will have to unravel the puzzle of her own past if she’s to survive this homecoming. ” (Gillian Flynn, Sharp Objects 2006) 

Okay let me get into some things I didn’t appreciate in this novel, very difficult to say something I didn’t like but yes one thing I missed in the novel.

Don’t continue if you don’t want to ruin the surprise!!

To start off I like having a sense of completion  after finilizing a novel, basically I like a happy end. Yes, super cliché but I enjoy a twisting sinister novel but then I expect a somewhat “happy end”. I didn’t really have this in this book. I wanted Camille to end up with the investigator or with someone. She didn’t seem to receive the happy end she deserved after so much hurt in her life. Maybe Mrs. Flynn will continue Camille’s story and one day she will have her well deserved happy end, but that was the only thing I wanted the novel to contain, otherwise it was a masterpiece.
Overall rating: 4/5 

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The Burning Room – Michael Connelly

My previous book review was also on a Michael Connelly book, but well I love this author so much and read all his books so his most recent book is also on my book list of this year. This books was the very first book I read in 2015.

One of the best Bosch Novels although the previous one “The Black Box” was even better. What I find interesting is that even after this character having been in more than 19 books, this story hasn’t gotten boring. Harry Bosch is still as interesting and intriguing as in Michael Connelly’s first book. I love how old school Harry Bosch is. It’s funny how the book actually makes inside jokes that only addictive Michael Connelly reader will understand.

Harry Bosch is working in the cold case division, he stumbles across a case in which a man dies almost a decade after the crime. It is a action packed thriller with new characters such as Harry’s new partner newbie Detective Lucia Soto. This book is for anyone who loves reading crime and I highly recommend it.


Be careful!!!!

Don’t spoil the surprise!!!

I have been dreading this time since Michael first talked about pulling the plug on Bosch’s career. Although I never really thought about him actually doing it because Bosch is his main character. But the time has come!  This novel keeps you guessing “what will happen to Bosch?!?!”, I can’t wait for the next novel to find out what will happen to this amazing character.
Overall rating: 4/5

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly

I couldn’t be more excited to review what might be one of my all time favorite Michael Connelly books. I don’t be biased because I have read a couple of reviews on Goodreads about this book but those comments still won’t change MY opinion of the book which is that its an

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G book.

Scarecrow is the second Jack McEvoy the first being my all time favorite Michael Connelly novel “The Poet”, which is quite weird because my favorite character is Harry Bosch. ❤️

Quite astonishing that my favorite novel from my favorite author isn’t about my favorite character.


Jack is getting kicked out of the newspaper due to his age and being replaced by a beautiful young reporter, he agrees to train her inorder to stay an extra week at the newspaper to finish up a story on a murder he just received… The book starts off slow like every other one but eventually it hooks you so much you can’t stop. And Jack reminds me of Michael Connelly sometimes (michael was also a journalist before he started writing books), but I know Michael says that Harry is more like him and puts all his life experiences in that character. Connelly makes his novels real, what’s happening in the world most likely will be included in his novels. I think I enjoy this authors work so much because its so real. I really have no frustrations concering this book… (Well they haven’t made a movie yet hahah)

Overall ratings: 5/5

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Angels and Demons – Dan Brown

This book I’m about to review is one of my all time favorites. I think it’s quite strange that this book which was the first one Dan Brown ever published wasn’t immediately a sucess, for the level of research, level of story telling, level of writing and its breath taking plot this book definitely deserved to be number one bestseller when it came out. But no it wasn’t until Da Vinci Code came about and then people discovered his previous book as well.

To be honest I read the Da Vinci Code and thought it was so amazing I couldn’t imagine a better book but along came

  Angels and Demons which made my 5 star rating for Da Vinci Code seem exaggerated. Made me feeling the need to downgrade the Da Vinci Code to a 4 1/2 instead of the 5. But the thing is you rate a book right after you read it, so at the time I finished it that book was worth 5 stars to me so no point in changing it now.

Let’s talk more about the book. This is the book we first get to know Robert Langdon. Which is one of my all time favorite characters (my all time favorite is Harry Bosch from Michael Connelly).

This book is mind blowing the end is so extremly unexpected! I love the storyline and the vatican and all the conspiracys surrounding the vatican. It’s all just so real and Dan Brown researches so much and makes it all so realistic you really ask yourself what is real and what is made up.


Be careful ruin the surprise!!!!!

This book is too good for you to ruin the surprise!!!


Okay so here we are the spoilers, common the Pope was MURDERED no one saw that coming! Wow wow!




Overall I loved this book and it is definitely in my top 10 favorites of all time.

Overall Rating : 5/5

Thanks for reading and have a wonderful day!

Paper Towns – John Green

The latest book on my “I have read” list is: Paper Towns by John Green. I have read “the fault in our stars” last year while it was a hype all around the world and I enjoyed the book. With that book it was most certain that the ending wouldn’t be “happy”, but the storyline is cute and very inspiring. Well let me continue about the book at hand which is “Paper Towns” this summers new hype. The storyline of this book starts off fun with a night with Margot that “Q” (aka Quentin the main character of the book) will never forget. After this night the book gets all mysterious as Margot disappears.

SPOILERS Do not continue reading if you do not want to know things that happen in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am warning you !!!!!!!

Do you really want to do this….

Yeah sure go ahead but I warned you there would be spoilers…

What really made me frustrated during basically the entire book is that no one other than Q seemed to (excuse my language) give a shit about the girl who disappeared, this kids in high school prefered planning their outfits for PROM rather than FINDING the girl that DISAPPEARED (ran away) not even her parents went to find her or even tried. Okay okay I get she ran away various time and after you cry wolf all the time people start not believing you but even if she is of legal age and therefore in the eyes of the law a adult that choose to run away, you would think any parent would still feel obligated to find their child. These were my initial frustrations which occurred throughout the entire book, the final frustrating moment came at the end when Q and his friends find Margot in someplace near New York and she ends up not leaving with Q even though she clearly likes him now. This ending got me thinking that Mr. Green does not enjoy writing happy ends.

Overall it was a good book, I still prefer “The Fault in our Stars” but that is my personal opinion of course. I have yet to watch the movie but will post my reactions on that movie once I watch it.

My overall rating for this book is: 3 Stars

 As always thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

The Lucky one

Thank you all very much for reading my blog, it really means a lot to me. (like really)

So today I’ll be giving you my insight on  a book called The Lucky One (by of course Mr. Sparks) this is going to be a hot book in 2012, because they are going to release a movie based on it, so you can stay tuned for that( and I’ll put a link to the movie trailer in the end of the text).

Here’s the summary behind the book (I’ll give you what I thought after.)

Is there really such a thing as good as a good luck charm?

Ex-soldier Logan Thibault thinks he just might have found one. Haunted by memories of the friends he lost in Iraq, Logan believes that a photograph he carried with him, a picture of a smiling woman he’s never met, kept him safe.

Resolving to find her, Logan embarks on a journey of startling discovery. For Beth is struggling with problems of her own: her volatile ex-husband won’t accept their relationship is over and threatens anyone who gets too close to her. And, despite a growing attraction between them, Logan has kept one explosive secret from Beth: how he came across her photograph in the first place…

This was one of the most interesting Nicholas Sparks novels, because it starts off in Iraq with Logan finding this picture of a girl he has never seen before. He tried to give it back and even asked people if they knew to whom the picture belonged too, but he didn’t find anyone. So in the mean time people are dying around him and he’s not and he starts to believe it’s because of the picture he has in his pocket. I don’t know why he didn’t die but it’s a novel, of course he’s not gonna die before meeting the girl. Like I tell you guys every time I analyze a N.S. novel, it’s breath taking and a page turner. Took me about 1 day to read it and after I finished I wanted another one.

Well I hope you guys liked my tips. More book reviews/opinion soon so stay tuned J

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Nicholas Sparks…

The Wedding

(Nicholas Sparks)

 I am a huge Nicholas Sparks fan; his books are like a drug to me. I have all the books and have seen all the movies they made based on his books, but I have to say the movies are not so good. The books are 1000 times better than the movies.( I think it’s always that way with books that get turned into movies.) Well I’d been wanting to read The Wedding for a long time now (since I read The Notebook), because Noah is in it. But the book is at first very sad, I really felt bad for Wilson, he thought his Wife didn’t love him anymore. This book reminds me  of the reality, most couples end up like this one in the book, but people can always change. Change was the biggest massage it taught us all or at least me.

People can change if they are willing to change for the person they love.

Nicholas Sparks made me cry and laugh the whole book, but mostly like all the other times  I’ve read one of his books, he makes me believe that true love is out there.

Sometimes we find it right away sometimes not and the hardest part is holding on to the person you love.

That’s what this book taught me, it was very charming and fun. It’s not quite like The Notebook, the man in this novel, in the beginning has absolutely no clue how to be romantic and he goes to Noah for help.

This book is recommended for you if you have read The Notebook and if you are a hopeless romantic like I am. Hope you enjoy reading it.

Peace out.

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