Why do they let 13 year olds vote on American Idol?

What did I predict?

That DeAndre was going home? Well sorry folks I kind of got it wrong and I was pretty disappointed with whom America choose to go home.

Well I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, it was my intention but things sometimes don’t go as planned. So here it goes… Who went home? Why no save? Did American choose the right person to go home?

First off now that there were only 11 and not 12 I thought they might spare someone this week. Letting everyone stay and only revealing the Top 10 next week, but sad to say we would have to say goodbye to someone. And I know I really reviewed Heejun too positively this week and I also know he didn’t do his best this week and there were a couple of part (okay maybe most parts) where you could hear his breathing and it wasn’t just Heejun Shannon had the same problem. So this week I was scared we might have to say goodbye to Heejun, and that wouldn’t be something I would enjoy seeing.

I have to say this week there were horrible performances and the were performances that made me cry. It wasn’t one of the best weeks for some people that I hope don’t go home for that. And I also understand how hard it is to vote for 1 person. (because the talent is huge) Another surprise this week was that Idol announced that Tommy Hilfiger was going to start styling up the contestants, that made me so happy because I love Tommy Hilfiger he’s amazing, and most of our contestants NEED styling NOW they weren’t all born like Adam Lambert. Let’s see how that turns out next week.

Ok so to start the results Ryan….

From my point of view, American doesn’t seem to really like Elise and, I question myself why? Because every week it seems she’s in the bottom 3? Is she too different for Idol?

Last night’s show was packed with huge, talent and great performances like Demi Lovato (I’m not a huge Demi fan but she can sing, I was really waiting to see Cris Draughtry)

More results…

(Who is Randy Jackson’s stylist? Not a great, look this season.)

The great Jimmy Ivin said if Jessica goes home, we should all go home. I agree if America voted her off I wouldn’t watch anymore.

Shannon in the bottom 3 no surprise right? We all saw that coming, now DeAndre –NOT being in the bottom three that was a little surprise to me, I think the thirteen girls should go to sleep and stop voting for this kid, he’s not all that. We have way better people on Idol, but if their mothers don’t tell them to sleep earlier we are going to be seeing DeAndre for a little longer.

At this point in the show I was so afraid for Heejun, it was my biggest fear, and I didn’t want to see him in the bottom 3. And he was SAFE I started dancing around the house doing the “JOY HOP” LOL.

But Erika in the bottom three very strange, once again we see her on the hot stop. Poor thing she has a beautiful voice. America please clean your ears.  Really Shannon going home? My first thought was, “my mom is going to be sad”. She’s such a nice girl, I hope she continues singing because she’s got –IT, maybe not that it that they’re looking for on American Idol but she can sing.

Peace out

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Shocking news on American IDOL. TOP 11? Already?

I think I’ve been looking forward for this day the entire week. The day I can finally use all the creativity in me and show it to the world… na, I’m just exaggerating.

I truly have been looking forward to writing again. The time I spend writing for my blog keep me relaxed and calm, which in real life I’m never really calm and relaxed. Only this week, 2 tests in school and a lot of stress, those days you have to stay up until 1 am studying for a test that eventually you get a huge F on, But whatever now I have time to write and hopefully, I’ll write something you guys enjoy reading.

It’s that time of the week again American Idol…

Oh, how I have waited since last Thursday for this moment..

All in all it was a shocking but very entertaining night, the songs were interesting picks, some not so good others nailed it. And very interesting to see, were the baby pictures. Here they go the reviews of the Top 11 one by one.

We started the night off with one of the guys that has the most chances of winning Idol, Philipp.

1. Phillip Phillips, 1990, “Hard to Handle,” Black Crowes

Very emotional interview with his parents telling us how he was sick when he was a baby. Thankfully he’s better today and we have the chance to hear him sing, Well maybe not that well he had to be operated this past week and he still sounded amazing in – PAIN. His performance was typical Philipp Philips it was – PERFECT, he’s one of the only one who’s consistent every week. We know who Philipp Philips is and we like him – love him. And as I’ve said before he sang fantastic after a – SURGERY.

2. Jessica Sanchez, 1995, “Turn the Beat Round,” Gloria Estefan

Jessica Sanchez, she doesn’t know how good she is and she’s so young. Will.I.am was impressed; I wasn’t so impressed I think she did better last week. But it was still pretty good, in the middle of the song I was already dancing to the beat, so I can say it was entertaining, but not her best night. I hope America doesn’t eliminate her because of tonight.

3. Heejun Han, 1989, “Right Here Waiting,” Richard Marx

1889 – Year in music. Great song choice. (you can write Fergie’s phone number there if you’d like)That right there made my night happier, well what part of Heejun doesn’t make you happy he’s so funny, and he’s family is funny too. Beautiful song choice, it’s one of those songs you start crying in the middle, and I almost did start crying (I think it was because of the look in his face.). It was kind of pitchy but by the end you fall in love with Heejun. I was shocked he has a – GIRLFRIEND? That’s sad…, just kidding.

4. Elise Testone, 1983, “Let’s Stay Together”

A sing off with the president of the United States that would be interesting, Elise and the president. It would most certainly get a lot of views on Youtube. I’m so in love with your voice Elise, I’ve never heard anything like it before. Thankfully the judges saved her last week, because this week she was pretty great, defiantly better than last week.

5. DeAndre Brackensick, 1994, “Endless Love,” Luther Vandross/Mariah Carey

DeAndre caught my attention this week, it was really good. Maybe one of the first times I actually liked him, I still kind of think he’s one of the weakest contestants on the show, right now. After this week maybe it got better. We’ll let’s wait and see what America thinks. But he might go home..

6. Shannon Magrane, 1995, “One Sweet Day,” Mariah/Boyz II Men

Shannon, did a great job on a huge song. It was a hard song to take on, the poor thing had major pressure on here, but I like her and hopefully America likes her too.

7. Colton Dixon, 1991, “Broken Heart,” White Lion

Colton, taking on a song no one knows. He’s unique, he knows what he wants to be a kind of David Cook American Idol and I dig it. We needed a rocker on Idol, no more Country, please more Rock. I love country but it’s enough already, we need a Rocker Idol. And we found one in Colton, keep rocking, I loved it. And Steven it wasn’t the wrong song.

The night moving on I wasn’t really expecting much because my favorites had already performed and then Erika came..

8. Erika Van Pelt, 1985, “Heaven,” Bryan Adams

Erika took on one of my favorite songs- EVER. She’s someone that doesn’t deserve to go home. She changed the song a little too much and maybe the song was too big for her, I don’t know. It wasn’t the best performance of the night. But it was far better than last week.

The most shocking news of the night was that the show had to – eliminate someone. I was already wondering who, but I had seen news earlier that day, but it was still shocking. I had thought Jermaine seemed like a very calm person, that goes to say “never judge a book by it’s cover”. I am truly sad to see him go, because he is a fantastic singer I wish him all the best and hope he continues to sing. (Because he really can sing.)

9. Skylar Laine, 1994, “Love Sneakin’ Up on You,” Bonnie Raitt

Our Country girl, she sometimes surprises me, she isn’t just country she has rock in her voice too. She kind of reminds me of a female version of Nickelback. A kind of Country – Rock. It was pretty great but the song wasn’t my favorite pick of the night but she rocks every time.

10. Joshua Ledet, 1991, “When a Man Loves a Woman,” Michael Bolton

Joshua – When a man loves a woman. When I saw the song he choose I was like – YEAH! This is gonna rock. This was the performance of the night, it had it’s high moments and low. It took you to paradise and back, the screams gave me goose bumps, it got worse when he took his jacket off. This guy is killing it, I AM ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH JOSHUA AFTER THIS WEEK. That was the moment of the night. The others that came after were nothing compared to that. (I was crying half through the performance.) It’s safe to say he’s not going home so soon.

11. Hollie Cavanagh, 1993, “Power of Love,” Celine Dion

Hollie – Tinker Bell, haha. The power of love, one powerful song. A classic Celine Dion song, very hard to take on, but Hollie can do it. (goose bumps.) Every impressing, the best 2  were last.

All in all it was a great night. Great moments and great performances.

If you ask me who should go home, I’ll tell you based on this week’s performances. The weakest were DeAndre, Shannon and Erika. Who should go home ? DeAndre.

Now let’s wait and see.. If I’m right or wrong.

Have a great night.

Peace out

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American Idol

American Idol and why it’s such a beloved show

In the past ten years we’ve seen singers fight it out in a competition that conquered our hearts and souls. Who doesn’t remember the night that changed Kelly Clarkson’s life? The night the first winner was revealed. That night ten years ago I remember thinking that America made a wonderful choice because Kelly was my favorite – no offence Justin. Since then there have been so many wonderful singers who went to all the auditions hoping to become the next Kelly Clarkson (American Idol). Every single person who auditions wants to be the next American Idol and there are normally most of the talented singers that audition don’t make it past Hollywood week, maybe it’s the pressure or that some of them get sick and that affects their singing.

This year it was really sad to watch so many talented ARTISTS (yes because they are artists not just singers) go home too soon, well for the most part I got over all those special people that had to leave the show (I hope some of them come back next year.), and then they picked the Top 24 another heart touching moment on Idol because there were so many people that should have made it through, but unfortunately it’s called Top 24 not Top 54. And again I had to deal with the idea that some of my favorites wouldn’t be in the live shows and I got over that too, because the 24 they choose were really good, Until they had to sing in front of a live audience. Then things started getting complicated people that could actually sing really well, sang like they were singing in a karaoke competition, at that moment my ears started hurting and my love for some of the competitors faded.

The good thing is America saw the same thing I saw, and some of the comments the judges gave the competitors were ridiculous, they practically said that everyone sounded fantastic and THAT’S so not TRUE, especially the guys , when the guys sang it was just like the judges were death or maybe their hearing aid was off. Well now in moving on to the Top 13, the final 13 were all very good but some even better people were not in those group of 13 and the wild card picks were horrible, of course the ones they picked to stay were the best but they didn’t let people like Creighton have another chance to sing, and Creighton is wonderful. Another guy they didn’t let sing was White Chocolate (I don’t even know his name), he was so GOOD.

Continuing…. well the Top 13 were formed, they didn’t let me stop them from making horrible wild card picks and the show must go on. This last week I watched the show hoping America wouldn’t rip my heart out and eliminate my last favorites (Colton, Phillip and Heejun).

So let me review them one by one. First up was Joshua, I have to confess Joshua was never my favorite but this week he really blew my mind, it was totally out of his comfort zone (gospel, kind of church thing.) but still he did a great job, it was so good I was afraid he just killed the chance the other competitors had to shine because it seemed to be the performance of the night, it was just amazing.

Elise was up next and I really like her raspy voice and I was impressed by her performance she held it together did her best but it wasn’t her best performance on Idol I hope she does it better next week.

Jermaine, the gentle giant. He is so passionate and I’m so happy the judges brought him back ( at first I wanted Johnny to come back but I’m very happy they brought Jermaine back instead.), his voice is so unique, the song was perfect for him and he just nailed it. He’s also so friendly, I hope he stays longer.

Our first wild card pick comes back to sing, well Erika she has a beautiful voice it’s just hard to fit her voice into some songs. I have to confess it wasn’t my favorite performance of the night but by the end it was so great, great enough to put her through.

Oh one of my favorites, Colton. Stevie Wonder and Colton Dixon, not a match made in heaven, I was so afraid it was going to blow up in his face. I was happy when he started singing; he did his own thing with a Stevie Wonder song. The last note was so perfect. It was great but I prefer to hear him singing a great rock song.

Sharon taking on a HUGE Whitney Houston song, she got caught up into the song and lost here self half way in it. Like Steven Tyler said she crashed and burned in that song, I hope she brings it next week or else she might be going home soon. But we all know she has it in her. She just has to get herself together.

DeAndre is beautiful his voice and his appearance. His hair is a little too much but who am I to criticize him right?! But he can sing and it’s beautiful to watch, he has such a different voice and he has so much fun on stage if you’re seeing him for the first time you would never imagine that he’s ONLY 17 years old.

Skylar -Where do broken hearts go? Really she was going  to try to sing that song?  I didn’t know what to expect… Until she opened her mouth, singing a little country version of a Whitney classic. She gave me goose bumps in some parts of the song. It was beautiful I have nothing more to say. Moving on…

Another one of my absolute favorites Heejun, he’s a comedian and he doesn’t even know it. Or he does know it and just doesn’t show it. I love him every time he comes out on stage, because you hear him talking and you don’t imagine he can sing like that. He’s a trivia I still haven’t figured out. It was really great; I love him nothing more to add.

Hollie was never one of my favorites but last week she kind of won me over and I was excited to see what she was going to do this week. The little girl with the huge voice that’s how I can describe Hollie. She impressed me this week just like she did last week, and if she keeps it up she might just win this entire thing.

My least favorite contestant came next, Jeremy. He is a nice guy, maybe the nicest guy on the show. He already got saved and he fought for his life this week. He is also one of the weakest contestants on the show this year. I unfortunately can’t say anything else about him. Sorry.. ( if you love him I just don’t love him that much.)

Jessica and Hollie were the ones that most impressed me last week and I was rooting for them this week.  Jessica – I WAS ALWAYS LOVE YOU, wow I was speechless it was soft and on pitch. And what else can I say, this girl rocks it! She can win if she keeps up the hard work. It was just PERFECT!

To end the night well they choose Phillip as the closing act. What more can you wish for, start and end the night perfectly. Superstition wasn’t that the song he auditioned with? I think so.

He’s so unique and I keep waiting for his performances, he blew me away (like he always does.). He gets caught up in the song and really connects with every word; it’s UNBELIEVABLE how much talent he has. He always makes it his own; I would buy his album right now!

After the show it was up to America to decide who has going home and up to the judges to choose if a guy or a girl was going home.

The decision was in the hands of the judges either a girl or a boy. The first results Ryan gave us were that Elise was in the bottom 3 girls and Hollie and Jessica were safe. When Ryan said to Colton “Colton, America did not like what they saw…. They loved it.” I was afraid America had failed me again, but no they saw in him what I saw in him too. I was kind of shocked that Jermaine was in the buttom 3 guys but America decides wasn’t my decision.

We also got to see Lauren Alana again, she was one of my favorites last year and she’s doing so well now with her new album. The show wasn’t all that on Thursday it was strange but maybe because it was the first live show ( the first with Top 13). One thing I was surprised to see was Joshua in the bottom 3 guys. ( America has some problems in hearing)

I wasn’t surprised to see that Jeremy was the bottom guy and Elise the bottom girl , they were the ones who didn’t deliver it. And that Jeremy was eliminated was no surprise to me, he was the weakest link in the entire group, but a wonderful person I wish him all the best and hope he keeps singing. Never give up on your dream Jeremy, you’re not the next American Idol but you can be so much more.

Stay tuned next week when I’ll review the next episodes. And give you my opinion.

See ya.

Peace out.

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