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This week I wasn’t really wanting to review Idol but I had promised myself I would do it for you guys. And because I didn’t do it last week and I felt guilty. So I sat down and watched, I love 80’s night so many songs I like and I’m not even an 80’s kid I’m a 90’s kid. The thing I most missed was Heejun, the show got boring without him and his jokes. (After his fantastic performance he was voted off by America, and I still don’t know why) So to start off we saw Heejun and Jennifer telling him she tried to save him, and the other to dummies didn’t want to, I find that totally unfair.

After last week now anything can happen there are only 8 left (eight of the best singers in the United States)

What’s with Randy’s shirt? So strange…

Starting off “well” with my least favorite contestant, DeAndre. Really what you most miss is driving, wow super creative kido. What can I say about him? He sings like a girl, anyone else notice that? His performance this week was typical him. Like Jimmy said he will be in the bottom three. I was ok but not the best performance of the night (not at all). Was that AMAZING? Really the judges thought it was amazing, I didn’t really like it. It was better than last week but… I don’t know not my style.

 Elise has been in the bottom three a couple of times, so it is time for her to go home? With her voice, I wouldn’t send her home yet. She took on a HUGE song that has been performed on the show a couple of times. But she also has a HUGE voice, and she can take on a huge song, just like that. Her voice is beautiful, I just hope she’s not in the bottom three this week. How was that not Steven Tyler’s favorite song of the night? Strangely it seems we are not watching the same show. It was better than DeAndre.

Islands in the stream is one of my absolute favorite Bee Gees song. Colton and Skyler sang fabulous nothing to criticize. The chemistry between them was obvious to everyone that saw… Do you think they’re dating.,,? I had goose bumps the entire performance it was perfect.

 Phillip… I can’t wait to see what he’s gonna do… Amazing!! He leaves me speechless every time. I was smiling the entire time, it was really great, he will win!

I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it, Hollie and DeAndre. Strange seeing them sing together, but very interesting to watch. It was actually fun to watch but not better than the first duet.

What did you most look forward to seeing this week? Well for me it was Joshua, last week he blew me away with his performance and I had tears all over my face. It touches me every time he sings, it’s fantastic and this week was no different. It’s crazy how he sings so … Marvelous. It’s going to be hard this year.

Jessica, is one of the only girls that really has chances to win, maybe Skyler too… It was really good she moved around and it didn’t mess up her vocals. Very good.

Phillip and Elise very interesting to see them sing together. Nice it looks like they were born to sing together.

Hollie I like her song choice, I just don’t think she can take on that big song. It wasn’t perfect it had it’s moments. Her pitch was all over the place maybe because she has walking all around. She was one of the worst of the night.

 Jessica and Joshua a duet made in heaven. They fit perfect to each other they sing both soul and it was so beautiful. I would by their album. PERFECT!

Colton he always surprises me, and captivates me. I love him and his voice, he brings rock to the show. Wow like I have said before this year is so hard to pick a winner…

Skyler had to impress everyone because she was in the bottom three last week and it seems she didn’t want to go home. A softer side to Skyler, I didn’t think this part of her existed. It was so beautiful.

All in all it was a fun night, some went really well other no so much. I can’t wait for next week…

So DeAndre was eliminated, finally… I really didn’t like him. Sorry DeAndre, go to prom and continue singing.

Peace out

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Heart breaking Idol week

What can I say about this week’s American Idol? Defiantly nothing positive!

American you broke my heart in pieces this week and that’s why I am NOT going to review this week’s performances, I will only tell you what I thought of this week.

It was all very beautiful the best one of the night was… almost everyone, the only one I didn’t like was DeAndre but I never like him. I still can’t believe he’s in the Top 8!

Heejun sang his heart out, and I cried during his performance. It was flawless, beautiful and moving. I can’t express how much I’m mad that America voted him off and the judges didn’t save him (if they save DeAndre I will hate them!), Jennifer later said she fought to keep Heejun but the other two judges (Steven and Randy) didn’t want to save him.

SO HEART BREAKING! Jennifer you didn’t fight hard enough!

That’s I have to say this week about American Idol. What did you guys think?

Peace out,

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Top 10 American Idol, Billy Joel week.

This American Idol’s recap

This week it all started off showing last week’s sad elimination, Shannon had to go home. And it seems like she will be missed. The Idols are very close to each other at this point and it’s hard, to have to say goodbye to one of your friends, but the show must go on.

And here we go…

This is American Idol This week our Idols sang Billy Joel songs, I can’t imagine some of these contestants singing Billy Joel, that’s not their styles (like Hollie…)

But like I always do, I just sat down in my chair and hoped that this week some people would amaze me and leave me speechless. I was also hoping that someone would sing “The Piano Man” cause I love that song. P-diddy , Puff daddy, Puff whatever his name is, was our couch. That might be interesting…

DeAndre performing this week was not his best, better than last week, but you all know I don’t like him and hope he goes home. And after tonight’s performance I hope America votes him off (no offence DeAndre, you’re a good kid, just not Idol material.) . JENNIFER he is NOT Bob Marley, go clean your ears!

Erika changed up her hair, and she looks sexy. But the song might have been too much to take on and she didn’t do it well, It was one of the worst performances of the night. Unfortually because she is a great singer, maybe one of the best on the show. It wasn’t her kind of song, Randy was completely wrong. I was kind of lost when the Judges started to ONLY complement her… I was like, ARE WE WATCHING THE SAME THING RIGHT NOW?

She’s got a way… Oh Joshua are you going to take my breath away this week? I hope so. Well it was so great, I had goose bumps almost the entire song. I didn’t want it to end EVER, this guy is going to win Idol if he keeps singing like this. It’s crazy !

Jennifer this week you are totally OFF, DeAndre wasn’t that good and Joshua felt the song.

Skyler, she took on a really huge song. It was really pretty, but it didn’t feel like Skyler Laine… It wasn’t a rock country thing; it just felt out of place watching her sing this song. But I won’t lie to you it was ok, not her best week. Hopefully next week it’s better…

Elise, she’s been in the bottom 3, two weeks in a row and I was really thinking she might go home this week, not because she’s a bad singer but because it seemed America really didn’t like her. Well she proved everyone wrong, this week! BEAUTIFUL, one of the best performances of the night.

Philipp is a very simple guy, but when he opens his mouth you’re amazed by what you hear. He’s truly incredible. I’m always waiting to see what he’s going to do with the song, cause he always makes it his own. He is a true artist. It was perfect this week, like last week and the week before that and every single time I have ever since him perform.

Hollie, I already knew she wouldn’t do so well. Billy Joel and Hollie don’t match, they aren’t a match made in heaven. LOL.. I won’t say more because Hollie fans are going to be pissed with me.

Heejun, Well I was sad because last week he received so many negative comments and I saw he felt it. He makes me happy, I loved his performance this week. It was fun just like him. I DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY HE WAS IN THE BOTTOM 2, why America why????? I loved it. What’s wrong with you people?!

Jessica, better than last week? OMG so much better than last week. It was pretty amazing, she left me completely speechless. No more comments.

Colton – I wanted someone to do the Piano Man and here it is, one of my favorites singing my favorite Billy Joel song. I was thrilled, jumping up and down. It was HIS week; I almost cried seeing his performance. I felt him singing, I felt his passion, and I had goose bumps from head to toe. It was amazing there is no way I can criticize this guy.

To wrap it all up this week, the best performance was Colton’s the worst were Erika and DeAndre (yeah and I hate to admit it but Heejun too, I hope he Wow’s me next week.)

And as you all might already know, because I took my time to post this; We had to say good bye to Erika this week. America stop voting the girls off, VOTE FOR DeAndre to go home !

Have a great Sunday, or what’s left of it.

Peace out

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Why do they let 13 year olds vote on American Idol?

What did I predict?

That DeAndre was going home? Well sorry folks I kind of got it wrong and I was pretty disappointed with whom America choose to go home.

Well I’m sorry I didn’t post this yesterday, it was my intention but things sometimes don’t go as planned. So here it goes… Who went home? Why no save? Did American choose the right person to go home?

First off now that there were only 11 and not 12 I thought they might spare someone this week. Letting everyone stay and only revealing the Top 10 next week, but sad to say we would have to say goodbye to someone. And I know I really reviewed Heejun too positively this week and I also know he didn’t do his best this week and there were a couple of part (okay maybe most parts) where you could hear his breathing and it wasn’t just Heejun Shannon had the same problem. So this week I was scared we might have to say goodbye to Heejun, and that wouldn’t be something I would enjoy seeing.

I have to say this week there were horrible performances and the were performances that made me cry. It wasn’t one of the best weeks for some people that I hope don’t go home for that. And I also understand how hard it is to vote for 1 person. (because the talent is huge) Another surprise this week was that Idol announced that Tommy Hilfiger was going to start styling up the contestants, that made me so happy because I love Tommy Hilfiger he’s amazing, and most of our contestants NEED styling NOW they weren’t all born like Adam Lambert. Let’s see how that turns out next week.

Ok so to start the results Ryan….

From my point of view, American doesn’t seem to really like Elise and, I question myself why? Because every week it seems she’s in the bottom 3? Is she too different for Idol?

Last night’s show was packed with huge, talent and great performances like Demi Lovato (I’m not a huge Demi fan but she can sing, I was really waiting to see Cris Draughtry)

More results…

(Who is Randy Jackson’s stylist? Not a great, look this season.)

The great Jimmy Ivin said if Jessica goes home, we should all go home. I agree if America voted her off I wouldn’t watch anymore.

Shannon in the bottom 3 no surprise right? We all saw that coming, now DeAndre –NOT being in the bottom three that was a little surprise to me, I think the thirteen girls should go to sleep and stop voting for this kid, he’s not all that. We have way better people on Idol, but if their mothers don’t tell them to sleep earlier we are going to be seeing DeAndre for a little longer.

At this point in the show I was so afraid for Heejun, it was my biggest fear, and I didn’t want to see him in the bottom 3. And he was SAFE I started dancing around the house doing the “JOY HOP” LOL.

But Erika in the bottom three very strange, once again we see her on the hot stop. Poor thing she has a beautiful voice. America please clean your ears.  Really Shannon going home? My first thought was, “my mom is going to be sad”. She’s such a nice girl, I hope she continues singing because she’s got –IT, maybe not that it that they’re looking for on American Idol but she can sing.

Peace out

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