The Scorch Trails Book vs Movie

Okay let us talk about a very hot subject The Scorch Trails the second installment of the Maze Runner series written by James Dashner the series is like Divergent and the Hunger Games a dystopian sci-fi where teenagers have to more or less run for their lives. That’s basically how it is in all these book series except in Maze Runner the main character is a boy instead of a girl. I think by now everyone has read or watched anyone of these three series.

Let me get to the point here, which is my slight dislike for the interpretation of the book into a movie. Of course the movie is only BASED on the book but in this case the entire story line changed (in my opinion).

Be careful there are spoilers here!
Both of the movie and book!



In the book Thomas and his friends are at this safe haven and in the middle of the night he and Theresa speak telepathically. In the morning they awake in the “dorm”(that the movie actually got right) and Theresa who slept in a separate dorm  is suddenly gone. Although in the movie Thomas finds her and takes her with him and his friends out into the Scorch (the scorch is basically a desert).

In the movie he also finds out they are experimenting with the kids and that’s why he suddenly wants to leave. Btw Aris was in the book a more handsome guy and in the movie he’s a loner. There are various other things which kept me cursing during the entire movie (to myself not out loud of course haha), why do they suddenly have a CAR??? So weird. Like for example in the book there were TWO mazes a boys one and one that was only girls and Aris, although in the movie it seems there are THREE mazes, being two with only guys and one the girls.

WHERE ARE THE TATTOOS?! Each person from both mazes get labeled behind their neck what they are, Thomas has “to be killed by team B” and Theresa has “traitor or betrayal” smth like that. This once again is completely left out of the film.

In the end of the book Theresa betrays Thomas with Aris and the whole book is about WICKED trying to get variables from these kids brains, making them do thing to attain these variables. I thought this story line was completely left out of the movie which made me quite disappointed. The other thing that really bothered me was the Right Arm being in movie whilst in the book series they only appear in the third installment.

Ohhhh almost forgot the thing that made me so extremely angry about the movie, Brenda is supposed to be immune and in the movie she catches the flare and Thomas can save her with his blood, but only for a couple of months then the virus continues to spread. Very strange theory here… But the flare in the book takes longer to spread than the one in the movie that after a couple of hours people are coughing up blood.

I really wonder how they will keep Brenda because (sorry spoiler of book 3 here)

She and Thomas are supposed to be TOGETHER! I hope they still end up together because after reading Scorch Trails I was so disgusted by Theresa that I could never picture her and Thomas being together again.

I hope they don’t ruin the third movie/book adaptation for me.

My overall rating for the book is: 4/5

My rating for the movie after having read the book is: 2/5 due to the story line changes

My rating of the movie if I hadn’t read the book:  4/5

Thanks for reading and have a lovely day.

The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown

Welcome back everyone, today I’d like to review the first book I ever read from Dan Brown which is his international bestseller “The Da Vinci Code”. I must confess I was very skeptical to read any Dan Brown book because he was mainstream and everyone was reading his books and later watching the movies based upon the books.

Finally this summer I was in a used book store and happen to stumble across a little book called “The Da Vinci Code” which intrigued me. I picked up the book and started reading it the first week of summer. ️I devoured this book like a hungry person devours a plate of food. It was such an amazing book, one of the best I have read in a long time. I became fascinated with symbols, the holy grail, Priory Secret Society, the hidden messages and most of all it made me want to visit the Louvre again.

I recommend this masterpiece to anyone who is interested in action packed thrillers.

My rating for this book is: 5 Stars



Turn back now if you don’t want to ruin the surprise!!!

I warned you didn’t I?!!!!

I am not a devoted religious person but this theory that Jesus had a child really made me wonder if maybe it is true ( could be possible). The Da Vinci last supper with the women next to jesus utterly surprised me I had never noticed it was a women. What a mind blowing book! Of course as I always do after reading a book that has a movie adaptation I go watch the movie and compare every detail. Must confess I dreaded the movie, the character Sophie not well cast (my opinion, as I had imagined someone else entirely. At least this wasn’t the worst casting mistake a movie could make…

Yes I’m talking about you Fifty Shades of Grey!

The main character Robert Langdon I thought was very well portrayed by Tom Hanks. Although I have one complaint about him HIS OUTFIT  where is the turtleneck?! He wears a turtleneck.

Thank you for reading and have a lovely day!

Paper Towns – John Green

The latest book on my “I have read” list is: Paper Towns by John Green. I have read “the fault in our stars” last year while it was a hype all around the world and I enjoyed the book. With that book it was most certain that the ending wouldn’t be “happy”, but the storyline is cute and very inspiring. Well let me continue about the book at hand which is “Paper Towns” this summers new hype. The storyline of this book starts off fun with a night with Margot that “Q” (aka Quentin the main character of the book) will never forget. After this night the book gets all mysterious as Margot disappears.

SPOILERS Do not continue reading if you do not want to know things that happen in the book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am warning you !!!!!!!

Do you really want to do this….

Yeah sure go ahead but I warned you there would be spoilers…

What really made me frustrated during basically the entire book is that no one other than Q seemed to (excuse my language) give a shit about the girl who disappeared, this kids in high school prefered planning their outfits for PROM rather than FINDING the girl that DISAPPEARED (ran away) not even her parents went to find her or even tried. Okay okay I get she ran away various time and after you cry wolf all the time people start not believing you but even if she is of legal age and therefore in the eyes of the law a adult that choose to run away, you would think any parent would still feel obligated to find their child. These were my initial frustrations which occurred throughout the entire book, the final frustrating moment came at the end when Q and his friends find Margot in someplace near New York and she ends up not leaving with Q even though she clearly likes him now. This ending got me thinking that Mr. Green does not enjoy writing happy ends.

Overall it was a good book, I still prefer “The Fault in our Stars” but that is my personal opinion of course. I have yet to watch the movie but will post my reactions on that movie once I watch it.

My overall rating for this book is: 3 Stars

 As always thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!

Dark Places BOOK vs MOVIE – Gillian Flynn

 Gillian Flynn’s second crime thriller doesn’t disappoint (even though I didn’t read the first one “Sharp Objects”), this action pact crime thriller keeps you guessing until the very end abou what happened on that day that Libby’s family was brutally murdered and her older accused of these murders. I would prefer not spoil any single part of this amazing roller coaster of a book that is “Dark Places”. I can say it’s a book that once you start reading you won’t stop until you’ve finished… Literally not matter what time of the day it is, I for example started reading this book one day late afternoon and finished it at 5 am. On the next day after having finished the book, I was tempted to watch the movie, but like the movie review this movie disappointed big time. The reason for this disappointment might be the fairly large casting problem, Libby’s mother is too beautiful in the movie and in the book she is described to be a person you wouldn’t want to go up and hug. Ultimately what I hated about the movie was that neither Libby nor her brother Ben’s hair were red!! In the book Libby has yes painted her hair blond but it’s a sloppy painting where her red roots are showing already. In the movie her hair is perfectly blond. Ben’s hair problem is even bigger, when she goes to see him in prison his hair is dark brown but not red.

I’m sorry to burden you with my movie casting problems and “look” problems. It’s safe to say movies are NEVER as good as the books.

After reading “Dark Places” I am certain that I will read other Gillian Flynn books and enjoy them very much if she continues writing these thrillers that suck you in, I will continue reading them. The next ones I will read from her are “Gone Girl” and “Sharp Objects”. I would love to know if others who read the book and watched the movie felt the same on the issues I encountered which I mentioned above, leave opinion down below in the comment section.
My overall rating on the book: 4 stars

Thank you for reading and have a great day.

My first Movie review….

You must be the change you want to see in the world.

(Mahatma Gandhi)

Movie Review:

Monte Carlo

At first I was not very impressed, and I have to tell you the truth I didn’t really want to watch it.

My sister convinced me to watch it, and it was actually better than I expected. It’s pretty much like this after graduation Grace is going to Paris with her best friend and with her new “sister”. Her mother remarried and the guy she married has a daughter. This trip is supposed to get the girls to act more sisterly with each other( if that word even exists). Grace is just a sad girl looking for a new beginning in Paris, but they’re trip doesn’t turn out as they expected it to be..  And they end up losing their tour bus, it all seems to be going really bad until Grace gets mistaken for a very rich British heiress. And from that moment on starts their adventure.

It was more than I expected it was much better. I really liked it.

You guys should check it out here’s a link to the trailer, I don’t like Selena Gomez that much but in this movie she was really good, it’s a great movie for teenagers..

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