16 weeks

Having to juggle studies and taking care of a small creature that depends on you is very hard. But the good news is that I have kind of figured out how to do it. And also educate and teach tricks to my small puppy. Today Cooper is officially 15 weeks old. It seems like yesterday that I got him. When people say that time fly’s by the really mean it. You only notice it when you have a creature that grows week by week and you can actually see how time fly’s.

With each week that passes he learns more tricks and learns more how to behave. (or at least I’m trying). The biting still hasn’t stopped or gotten better, but he does understand when we tell him “no”.  Last week my dad took him to the veterinarian and he came back telling me how my dog is a drama queen. He screamed and didn’t want to take his vaccine. He even peed on the veterinarian’s table. I was so happy I didn’t go with him because I wouldn’t be able to tolerate the screaming and whining. I’m what you can call a big mama. And I wouldn’t want to see my baby in “pain”, which he actually wasn’t. He was just being a drama queen. (He always does that.) That’s a characteristic of Beagles and Bassets they love to be drama queens.

Cooper now knows how to: Sit, Down, Stay, Shake, High Five, Come….

We’re going to start teaching him play dead this week…Wish me luck.

Peace out

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So I haven’t really gotten around to posting lately because a little puppy and COLEGE are bothering me. Well not really bothering but keeping me busy. To update you all in what “stage” of training my puppy is in. He hasn’t had that much “accidents” lately. I think in the last 2 weeks he had two accidents.

I think no one “likes” when their puppy has a potty training accident but you can’t be that mad either because puppies at this age (8 to 13 weeks) are still learning how to behave. Biting… Is a problem everyone that is educating a puppy, knows that biting WILL be a problem in the first couple of months (first two). Dogs tend to bite when they are playing. Younger dogs only learn NOT to bite playing with older dogs or by telling them NO every time they bite you in play. Another alternative is to stop play completely when they bite. That way your puppy will learn that if he bites the play will stop. And no puppy in the world wants the play to stop.

I’ve read relatively a lot about dog behavior and before I got Cooper I had thought I knew everything there was to know about educating a dog. Well in real life things are different. It’s not enough to KNOW what to do. You have to act sometimes going against what you’ve learned from reading. There are some techniques in the books that haven’t really worked for me. So I’ve had to adapt them to my day to day life. Like one of the things they said in the book that would work perfectly and was one of the ONLY ways to house train your puppy was –Crate Training. I haven’t used crate training and Cooper knows where he is and where he’s not allowed to go to the bathroom. I can even say I’m now proud of my “baby”.

Cooper has already learned how to: Stay, Sit, Down, Come… and… SHAKE. Yes my little guy knows how to shake. I started teaching him Sunday in the evening and Monday he already knew how to shake perfectly. I have to admit and you guys (my readers) might already know this because I have said this in previous posts. I didn’t think that Beagles could be so dedicated and incredibly intelligent. I had a Basset Hound and he was very stubborn and never wanted to do anything that I asked him to. (With or without treat) Cooper on the other hand “shakes” even without getting a treat.

That’s my update for today… I hope I could maybe help some of you and just share my experience with you.

Peace out

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Cute puppy

Easier than Expected

Training a pup is much easier just reading the books than actually having to educate a little puppy. Cooper’s very easy going. Easy to fall in love with, but he makes mistakes just like any other puppy his age.(or even older) He has house training accidents, or simply tries very hard to be a human being by peeing next to the toilet(it’s happened a couple of time.). It might be because he sees us doing it there and he thinks he has to too. But what goes through his mind I’ll never know. He’s a fast learner. Coop knows how to sit ,”down” and is currently learning how to “stay”. I started to teach him “stay” about 3 days ago and he almost always gets it right.(our sessions are about 15 minutes long. Sometimes shorter. He can’t focus for a long time.) I’m very happy with my “baby”. He brings me and my family joy the entire day.

What’s the hardest part about training (and raising) a puppy? I guess it has to be the part where you always have to wake up 2 times (sometimes one time) during the night so he can go to the potty. I know I should be grateful that with 11 weeks he already goes outside and doesn’t shit my entire house. But I’m not a morning person and like my fair share of sleep. He still bites, but we’ve started saying “NO” really loud and he stops. So now most of the time he licks instead of biting. Which I find very interesting.

He’s super intelligent and learns so fast. I was told before I got a Beagle that the a very stubborn and mostly don’t hear you the first time. What I’m finding out is that MY Beagles seems eager to learn new things.  Do you have a puppy? Are you finding it “EASIER THAN EXPECTED” training him too?

Peace out

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Puppy Tips

What to buy for your Puppy?

Well puppies do need somewhere to sleep, but it doesn’t have to be something super expensive. They will be happy with anything. Deciding which bed to buy depends on the owner and how much you want to spend, of course. If you want a stylish bed than buy one, but know that your puppy doesn’t care what he sleeps in as long as he is close to you.

What else do you need?

After you have a bed, you’ll need a food and a water bowl. The kind of bowl doesn’t matter it’s like the bed. The owner decides what he/she likes best. You will have to change your puppy’s water constantly. Because when they’re younger they will go INSIDE the water bowl. It is a funny thing that can happen or happens most of the time when you have a small dog.

A step you can’t forget before bringing your puppy home is to fence your yard. There’s nothing more stressful than to have to chase your pup around the block. They probably won’t get too far, but it’s better if you get a fence before you bring your pup home.


Yes, Toys are very important. Especially for pups they love to play. If you don’t want to waste too much you can make toys. Take an old sock and put a old tennis ball inside. That will do, and your puppy won’t even notice that it’s not a “chic” toy.

Another important thing is at least for me. Is before you bring a pup home, try to find out everything you can about the dog breed your bringing into your family. Find out if it’s a good match to your lifestyle. There are lazy dogs and active dogs, try to find a breed that matches you.

Other tips on my next post. If you guys have any questions please feel free to ask.

Peace out…

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Puppy training


Hello fellow readers. I love to write and I’m getting a new puppy so I decided to write about how I educate him. My journey to educating my puppy. It seems like a great idea and I will start when he arrives. First of all if you have been reading my blog for some time now, you know that I have been choosing a dog breed for some time now. And finally I decided the one I wanted. I’m getting a BEAGLE. Yes it wasn’t even in my last list of favorites, but it is an adorable dog and a cousin of the last breed I had. (Basset Hound) They are loving dogs. Can be stubborn and hard to train but I am prepared for the challenge.

With my Basset it was also a HUGE challenge in the beginning because they are very stubborn. They’re not stupid; they just don’t want to hear you. So it takes time and patience to train “hounds”. I’ve actually learned that they are very smart but they just sometimes don’t show it. I wanted to share my experience of training a Beagle and maybe help some of my fellow readers that are also trying to train their dogs.

My puppy isn’t here yet. He’s too young and still has to stay with his mother. But on August 20th he will be here. I already have some pictures that I will attach to this post. And I will start posting about how to prepare for you puppy and what you need to do before you bring your puppy home. I hope you like this new “part” of my blog. Don’t worry I will continue doing what I did before. This is just a new part of this blog.

Peace out.

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Meet Cooper….Image