New Nicholas Sparks Book


Nicholas Sparks just announced that he has a new novel coming out. (YEEAAAAAHH) I am a huge fan and am very anxious to read his new book. I only hope it’s not like the last one – The Best of Me. I didn’t like it, maybe it was just because it didn’t end the way I wanted it too. I actually started reading because of Nicholas Sparks. The Notebook was my first favorite book and after reading it, there was no way to stop me. 

I guess could say Nicholas Sparks made me the book junkie I am today and for that I will be forever great full for.

I actually have various favorite Authors, but nowadays I am a huge Michael Connelly fan. I have almost every single book and simply love Harry Bosch.

Most people would say I’m crazy for loving books so much, but I don’t care. Reading a book is like flying, or entering a new world.  Every Book is different every Author writes different. It’s always very interesting to read a classic and then read a NY Times Bestseller from now. The language is different. The styles have changed.

I love reading, do you?

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.” 
―    Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Last Song

A movie you probably remember…

Well yes it was a movie, not really a good one. But I can guarantee you that the book was breath taking..

The Last Song, yes that movie with Miley Cyrus and that hot dude. Ok here it goes, this is the summary that’s on the back of the book, afterwards I’ll tell you what I thought of it.

Seventeen-year-old Veronica “Roonie” Miler’s life was turned upside down when her parents divorced an her father moved from New York to Wilmington, North Carolina. Since then she has remained angry and alienated from her parents, until her mother decides she should spend the summer with her father. Roonie’s father, a former concert pianist and teacher, is living a quiet life in the beach town, immersed in creating a work of art that will become the centerpiece of a local church. What unfolds is an unforgettable story about love – first love and the love between parents and children – that demonstrates that many ways that relationships can break our hearts . . . and heal them

Did you like it? Would you read it? Right now just reading the summary?

Well I did and I didn’t even want to see the movie they made, but I did watch it later on.(not right after I read the book.) Well the story is like always very well written and very detailed, that’s one of the reasons movies piss me off so much because they kind of destroy the story the author originally wrote. Continuing, it’s an easy book to read and every passionate and, after you start you will not put down the book until you finish reading it. In this book it is not different there is a life lesson we learn reading it, which is “never reject you parents without hearing the entire story, listen , don’t be mad all the time. “ That’s at least what I got out of the book. Reading it you notice this Roonie girl is pretty miserable and lonely.

There are some really great parts of the book that were left out in the movie, so for that reason and many other you should read it totally recommended.

Peace out

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The Lucky one

Thank you all very much for reading my blog, it really means a lot to me. (like really)

So today I’ll be giving you my insight on  a book called The Lucky One (by of course Mr. Sparks) this is going to be a hot book in 2012, because they are going to release a movie based on it, so you can stay tuned for that( and I’ll put a link to the movie trailer in the end of the text).

Here’s the summary behind the book (I’ll give you what I thought after.)

Is there really such a thing as good as a good luck charm?

Ex-soldier Logan Thibault thinks he just might have found one. Haunted by memories of the friends he lost in Iraq, Logan believes that a photograph he carried with him, a picture of a smiling woman he’s never met, kept him safe.

Resolving to find her, Logan embarks on a journey of startling discovery. For Beth is struggling with problems of her own: her volatile ex-husband won’t accept their relationship is over and threatens anyone who gets too close to her. And, despite a growing attraction between them, Logan has kept one explosive secret from Beth: how he came across her photograph in the first place…

This was one of the most interesting Nicholas Sparks novels, because it starts off in Iraq with Logan finding this picture of a girl he has never seen before. He tried to give it back and even asked people if they knew to whom the picture belonged too, but he didn’t find anyone. So in the mean time people are dying around him and he’s not and he starts to believe it’s because of the picture he has in his pocket. I don’t know why he didn’t die but it’s a novel, of course he’s not gonna die before meeting the girl. Like I tell you guys every time I analyze a N.S. novel, it’s breath taking and a page turner. Took me about 1 day to read it and after I finished I wanted another one.

Well I hope you guys liked my tips. More book reviews/opinion soon so stay tuned J

Peace out..

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