Buddha lifestyle

In the struggles of becoming an author, there are many good times and bad. Times when you feel you can’t go on and the ones you just want to quit and never look back. Not something to be pride of but it does happen to all of us eventually.

In these past years I created this blog originally for the purpose of informing my family what I was doing and so they could check up on me every now and then. But last summer I changed it up deleted all the old personal posts and reinvented this old blog into a new one. After the reinvention I wanted this blog to be especially for book reviews/opinions but I haven’t really had the time to even finish one book (very sad story, but unfortunately true). So the last posts have been of random things that interest me or inspire me.

So speaking of things that inspire me… You all might have seen my latest Non-Profit organization posts. Those posts are my passion, I would like you all to read them and think how good your lives are and see how many people don’t even have water to drink. (clean water) In this capitalist and selfish world we live in, people only care about how much money they have and how much they spend on clothes. We all forget that there are other people on earth that don’t have it so easy in life, people that sleep hungry and don’t have a place to call home. If even billionaire donated some money every month to charity or helped a family that needs it, we would already be living in a better world. But we are a cruel species and the more we have the more we want, we should all turn into Buddhists. Buddha a man that taught people how to be happy without all the things we something’s think that bring us happiness. Having these things won’t bring you happiness, he was a smart man. You see in poorer countries that follow Buddha’s beliefs don’t fight, there are also no wars that were caused by Buddhist’s because being a Buddhist means being open to other religions. Buddha never said someone should become a Buddhist he only said they should try it out he never forced anyone into believing him.

Buddhism teaches that the solutions to our problems are within ourselves not outside.

Remember if you want to follow Buddha there are three rules to follow…

(1)   to lead a moral life,

(2) to be mindful and aware of thoughts and actions, and
(3) to develop wisdom and understanding

Peace out

Pic of the day…


When people are sound asleep in their beds at night, I’m normally up writing all night. Trying to be inspired to be able to write something that will touch people’s hearts. But most nights I’m stuck with no inspirational at all and I sit in front of my computer for hours wondering what I should write about and wondering if maybe I might be broken, you see writing comes to me naturally. It’s a gift I have, all the other gifts god spared me of, because I’m not good in any kind of sports I also can’t play any instrument or sing. Painting used to be one of my beloved past time activities but as I got older the drawings only got worse, and abstract paintings aren’t a thing for me.

I can’t understand what artists try to say by painting a pink square on a canvas, or just simply painting everything like a toddler, is that supposed to be art? If I wrote “damn you” would you consider that a master piece? I don’t want to criticize painters, but already doing so, don’t take this personally this is only my opinion on the subject – abstract art.
Nowadays painters don’t really paint anymore they just splash paint on their canvas and says its art. Can you imagine Da Vinci doing something like that? No – right! Then please, we should go back to those times when people were more creative and didn’t just splash.
If writers splashed stories like that, they would all be out of a job. I hope to someday I become a writer, a writer that trades night for day, one that loves what he does so much, you live off coffee for days or even weeks. Those writers that inspire people with their beautiful love stories. I want to change people’s lives, to touch them with my written words.
But until then you can all find me writing here, on my “blogcave” (yes I did just make up a word lol)
Peace out
Pic of the day


There are days I question myself why I want to be a writer and there are other days I know why I want to be a writer. One the days I lose hope in ever becoming a writer I think back to all the writers that must have once thought the exact same thing, but they didn’t give up and keep trying until they were finally recognized by the rest of the world. On those days I think about that, writers are like tennis players just maybe not so athletic and fit but we “play” with love and passion. We train hard and practice all the time, for the big moment in which we write, sometimes for days, we lose sleep hours, live o coffee and we wait for that moment of pure inspiration. I do consider myself a writer, I might still be a amateur and have no experience what so ever, but I write what comes to my mind and you can be sure everything I write comes from the heart. We are writers and we are proud of it. Peace out… Pic of the day.